Christopher J. Hedigan
Freelance Graphic Designer

Christopher Hedigan - Graphic Designer

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About Me

So by now you're probably wondering who I am and what am I all about. Allow me to take this time to answer some of those questions. First and foremost, I am a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. As I stated in my homepage, I attended the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago for a degree in Graphic Design, however that is not the only degree I posess. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in History from Purdue University with a minor in Political Science. During my studies for my history degree, I had the priviledge of meeting former United States Secretary of State Madaleine Albright as well as having had research I performed on the Middle East published in an academic journal in Poland. I have a special love of history and politics, however my first love in life has always been and will always be art and design. 

Now for a little bit about what drives my design and what gives me inspiration to design. My drive comes from my neverending desire to create designs that will stand heads and shoulders above the rest. I find inspiration to design everywhere I go and in everything I do. Nothing illustrates my design philosophy better than the following quote by my favorite author, John Updike:

"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better."